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Maximalist style is all about embracing bold elements in your interiors. Upon entering a room, the eye often seeks a visual focal point. Nothing delivers an impact better than shiny pieces. According to Country Living, pops of gold and texture are popular elements in the maximalist design. They effortlessly add shine, excitement, and joy to a home.

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Maximalism is all about celebrating pattern play, so don't be shy about mixing and matching different fabrics and prints. The more colorful and energetic, the better, but there are some basics to keep in mind. "Use colors that all have the same level of intensity—for example: all jewel tones," Graci advises. Continue to 4 of 26 below. 04 of 26

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10 5 ADVERTISEMENT Maximalist decor believes that 'more is more,' which completely contrasts minimalism, which thinks 'less is more.' The maximalist style embraces bold colors, patterns, and layering to create a space that honors excess. This does not mean that maximalism is messy or cluttered.

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Maximalism relies on knick-knacks, all of the colors, and just general excess to fulfill its mission. Picture: Art-deco meets 60s retro meet Renaissance-era extravagance! With maybe a dash of The.

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"Maximalist design is a style and aesthetic that leans into the more is more mentality," says Megan Hopp, an interior designer based in New York and founder of Megan Hopp Design. The antithesis of.

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John Lewis virtual home design. For expert interiors advice book a virtual appointment with one of our Home Design Stylists. Master the maximalism trend with bold colour, sumptuous fabrics from archive designs and statement furniture. Find inspiration for an eclectic makeover for your living room with tips from our Home Design Stylist Wil Law.

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Why Maximalism is Better than Minimalism in Home Design and Decor Design + Decorate In Defense of Maximalism A New York writer on her undying zeal for riotous design. Here's why it never went out of style—and never will. By Sadie Stein Published: May 23, 2018 Save Article Simon Upton

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'Maximalism is a term which has become used often in the world of interior design to convey a feeling of excess, decadence and eccentricity,' explains interior designer Matthew Williamson. 'It is a way of decorating which encompasses an "anything goes" approach.

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Paper it to coordinate with the other four walls in a room if you wish. "If the wallpaper runs in one direction only and won't look good on a ceiling, consider a coordinating paper," Ladd suggests. Finally, don't forget about the importance of layering within a maximalist space. "Layer, layer, layer," Ladd states.

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"Maximalist design is all about expressing your individuality and unique perspective," explains Courtney McLeod, designer and owner of Right Meets Left Interior Design.

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Maximalist decor is full of colors, mix-and-match patterns, and lots of art. While this decor trend is not for everyone, those drawn to the bold and artistic may find themselves right at home. Whether you're decorating for your first maximalist space or need a few colorful items, we've rounded up 17 decor ideas for a maximalist home. Advertisement

What is Maximalist Interior Design?

Maximalism in the living room - go busy or go big L: MINDTHEGAP, R: Rose & Grey Left: Emperor's Labyrinth Greenlake Wallpaper at MINDTHEGAP, Right: Penny Sofa, Duo Braided Lampshade, and Pink.

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1. Add maximalist decor to your living room (Image credit: Jonathan Bond) To make the most of a modest space, the rule of thumb has traditionally been subtle decor. However, we are seeing interior designers throwing out the rule book, creating joyful maximalist schemes in compact rooms.

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Maximalism takes your personal preferences and favorite pieces of art, furniture, treasures, and decor and dials it up to ten by having it all on display, hopefully in a somewhat coordinated fashion. This makes each maximalist-styled home incredibly unique to the person designing it! Some might call maximalism colorfully curated chaos.