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Ksamil ( Albanian: Ksamili, Greek: Εξαμίλι) is a village and a former municipality in the riviera of Southern Albania, and part of Butrint National Park. At the 2015 local government reform it became a subdivision of the municipality Sarandë. [1]

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Broadly speaking, Ksamil is more charming and is known for its higher level of cleanliness when compared to Saranda, in addition to offering exceptionally beautiful beaches. However, because Saranda is a bigger city, it is best for you if you're looking for luxury resorts or apartment complexes.

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Apr 26, 2021 Table of Contents The beautiful Island of Ksamil Albania How to Get to Ksamil Albania. How to get to Ksamil Albania if you are not in Albania? Getting to Saranda (Ksamil Albania) from Corfu Getting to Saranda from Tirana or elsewhere in Albania Restaurants in Ksamil Albania The beautiful Island of Ksamil Albania

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Ksamil is a small village in southern Albania. Locals have long gone here in the summer for sunbathing and swimming, but it is only now in recent years that foreign tourists have found their way here. Several charter companies offer trips to Ksamil, but it's just as easy to get here on your own.

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And then take a bus or taxi to Ksamil beach. The boat trip to Albania takes 30 minutes by speed boat or 70 minutes by ferry boat. A ferry ticket costs between €18.00 - €23.80 for one adult for a one-way ticket. The boat departs between 2 - 13 times a day, depending on the season.

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Following the ferry, you take a taxi or bus to Ksamil, which takes around 20 - 45 minutes depending on your means of travel. This is the easiest (and fastest) way to get to Ksamil. Alternatively, you can fly into Tirana, Albania's capital, and drive to Ksamil. The drive is a long one, however, and takes about 6 hours by car or bus.

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For one, Ksamil is very close to Saranda, which is the entryway to Albania to anyone coming from Greece. For another, Ksamil Beach is within a short drive of two different UNESCO heritage sites: Butrint and Gjirokastra.

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The most popular, shortest and easiest way, is to travel to Corfu in Greece and then catch the ferry over to Saranda. The ferry takes around 30 minutes and costs around 15 euros. Saranda to Ksamil. From Saranda, you can either take a taxi or hop on the local bus. A taxi from Saranda to Ksamil costs around 10 euros, and the bus costs less than 1.

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The hamlet of Ksamil started to take shape in 1973 and there are about 1200 families living there now. Thousands of kilometres of terraces were opened on the bare hillsides of this Peninsula resulting in 500 ha of reclaimed land suitable for the cultivation of 200,000 citrus trees (7 varieties of orange trees, 2 varieties of tangerine trees, 2 varieties of lemon trees) and 60,000 olive trees.

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Ksamil - The Maldives of Albania My first impression of Ksamil was just - wow! I remember ordering a salad at a restaurant and thinking how amazing and cheap it was. The fact that Albania is cheaper than most European countries can make your experience that much better. This is true even in the resort areas of Ksamil.

Ksamil der schönste Badeort Albaniens? TRAVEL more BABBLE less

5th September 2023 SARANDA OR KSAMIL: WHICH ALBANIAN BEACH TOWN IS BETTER? On our recent road trip in Albania, one of the decisions we were faced with, was whether to stay in Saranda or Ksamil. in the end, we decided to split our time and stay in both, so we have a pretty good sense of which one is better.

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Ksamil in Albania is a small paradise in the Albanian Riviera. With this travel guide to Ksamil, you'll know the best beaches and the best things to do! That's not Italy, and no, it's not Greece either. It's Ksamil, Albania!

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Ksamil - 285 Hotels und Unterkünfte Unsere Top-Tipps Niedrigster Preis zuerst Sternebewertung und Preis Am besten bewertet Sehen Sie die aktuellsten Preise und Angebote, indem Sie Daten auswählen. Hotel Mira Mare Hotel in Ksamil Das Hotel Mira Mare begrüßt Sie in Ksamil, nur 270 m vom Strand und 3,5 km vom Nationalpark Butrint entfernt.

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What to Do in Ksamil, Albania. 1. Be Lazy on the Many Ksamil Beaches. It's a given, really, that it's one of the best Ksamil activities. You really can't visit Ksamil without spending some time at the beach. After all, the beaches in Albania are some of the best in the world, and Ksamil beaches are the best of those.

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Ksamil (Ksamili in Albanian) is one of the most popular destinations in the region and not without a reason. It has beautiful sand beaches and several small islands that you can even swim too and despite still being a hidden gem, it is one the best beach destinations in Europe.

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Ksamil is a paradise-like beach destination in the south of Albania. The Albanian Riviera has many pretty beaches. But this beach gives you that bora bora beach feeling. Only here you feel like you are in the Maldives, without the hour of flying or the high expenses.